Details About Workers Compensation In Lafayette, LA

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Attorney

In Louisiana, worker-related injuries are often the result of OSHA violations that exist within the work environment. An investigation is conducted when serious injuries are produced. The findings of the assessment determine if the employer failed to provide a safe workplace for the injured worker. A local attorney could assist workers who need to file a claim for Workers Compensation in Lafayette LA.

What is Worker’s Compensation?

It is an insurance-based program that provides injured workers with financial compensation. The program covers the full cost of medical treatment after the worker has been diagnosed with an eligible condition. It provides wage replacement funds for workers who are unable to perform at least light-duty work due to their injuries. All employers who hire more than one worker to perform job duties are required to purchase and maintain coverage for each worker through the worker’s compensation insurance policies.

Who is not Covered by Worker’s Compensation?

Independent contractors who perform work duties that do not enter designated work sites are not covered under the insurance policies. However, any contracted workers who are required to visit any work site or property that is owned or utilized by the company must be covered by the policy.

Who Determines if Workers are Eligible for Benefits?

The Office of Worker’s Compensation Administration of Louisiana must conduct an assessment of all incoming worker’s compensation claims. The agency determines which workers receive medical payments and/or monetary benefits to replace wages. The government agency also settles disputes between workers and their employees in matters related to on-the-job injuries.

What Conditions are Eligible Under the Policies?

Any mental or physical injury that resulted from performing job duties is covered under the insurance policies and state programs. Occupational diseases that resulted from OSHA violations are also included in eligible conditions that warrant the need for benefits. Medical records are secured from the doctor that provided treatment to identify the exact condition.

In Louisiana, worker’s compensation laws provide injured workers with compensation to cover the expense of on-the-job injuries. Workers who are out of work due to serious injuries may receive wage replacement benefits as well. Workers who need assistance with claims for Workers Compensation in Lafayette LA can visit for more information now.

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