Discussing The 4 Classifications And Penalties With A Criminal Felony Attorney In Irving, Texas

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Texas courts impose hefty penalties upon those accused of crimes in the state. The way in which these penalties are assigned is determined by the classification. With felony charges, there are several varying classification, which could reduce or increase the penalty based on the nature of the crime committed. If you are facing these charges, you should hire a Criminal Felony Attorney at Cedillolaw.com immediately.

Classification of Felonies in Texas

1. Capital Felonies: The penalty of a capital felony in the state of Texas is life or the death penalty. The most commonly identified capital felony is murder. These felonies are covered under Texas Penal Code 12. 31. Anyone who receives a life sentence for a capital felony is not eligible for parole. The state’s sexual battery laws are covered during this classification. For instance, any form of sexual assault committed against a child falls within this category.

2. First-Degree Felony: As identified in Texas Penal Code 12.32, a first-degree felony incurs a sentence ranging between two and twenty years. The fines associated to these crimes max out at $10,000. The Texas state domestic violence laws are covered in this statute. A common crime with this classification is any form of assault in which a family member is injured seriously.

3. Third-Degree Felony: These felonies are assigned with crimes such as those related to controlled substances and more. For instance, a charge of possession in which the accused had between five and fifty pounds of marijuana, they would face a charge with this classification. If convicted, they would receive between two and ten years in prison and a fine of no more than $10,000.

Identifying the classification for the felony charges allows the Criminal Felony Attorney Irving Texas to explain the possible punishment to their client. If the defendant has a previous criminal history, the penalties for the felony charge could be doubled. In instances where the defendant is facing a possible third felony conviction, he or she could be facing a life sentence. To make these distinctions and more, you should contact The Law Offices Of Eric Cedillo to acquire legal counsel.

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