Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer in Olathe KS?

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Legal

When a couple decides that there are too many problems in the marriage that just cannot be worked out, they decide to file for divorce. This can be a very difficult time, and emotions can be running very high. When a couple decides to get a divorce, it is a good idea for both parties to hire a divorce lawyer.


When you hire a divorce lawyer, they will make sure that the divorce settlement is fair to you. In cases where spousal support is involved, your attorney will make sure that if you are the one receiving the spousal support, that you are getting a fair amount. If you are the one paying the support, your attorney will make sure that you are paying a fair amount, which leaves you more than enough money for yourself to live comfortably.

When children are involved, a divorce can be very messy. If both parents want custody of the children, you will need an attorney in order to make your case so that you can be awarded custody. If you are not seeking custody, but want visitation, your attorney will fight so that you receive an order for an appropriate amount of time to spend with your children. A divorce attorney will also help you in regards to child support. Whether you are the one receiving the support, or the one paying, your attorney will fight for what is in your best interest.

Dividing the family’s assets can be difficult, and can also cause a great deal of hostility between the spouses. When there is already hostility present, dividing the assets can create even more hostility. A divorce attorney will make sure that the assets are split adequately, and will protect you from losing assets which you are entitled to.

When you hire a divorce lawyer in Olathe KS, you can be sure that there is someone fighting for your best interests. The attorneys at will fight for your rights. They also offer services for clients in need other legal services, such as criminal cases, and drunk driving cases.

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