Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer in Overland Park, KS for a No Contest Divorce?

by | Aug 26, 2014 | Legal Services

Many assume a divorce lawyer in Overland Park, KS isn’t needed in an uncontested divorce and opt to go this route as the process is simple, it costs less to choose an uncontested divorce, and the marriage is allowed to end with dignity and without a great deal of fanfare. In addition, this type of divorce tends to reduce conflict and allows the parties to part more amicably, a problem when the divorce must be litigated. With the help of mediation and arbitration, many divorcing couples find they can complete a no contest divorce with ease. When is this not the case?

The first thing one must remember is both parties need to agree to an uncontested divorce or the process won’t work. One may try to wait it out and see if the other party comes around to their point of view, but this doesn’t work when one or both parties just want the process to end. Both parties need to agree to the divorce and to sit down and work any differences out for the best results.

If one or both parties don’t understand the basics of divorce law, a no contest divorce should be avoided and a divorce lawyer in Overland Park, KS called in for both parties. The same is true if one or both parties are suffering from mental illness, addiction, or any other disorder which may interfere with their ability to make sound judgments during the divorce process. In addition, if one party decides they wish to be greedy and not share with their partner, attorneys will need to be brought in to protect the interests of all involved, especially any children.

Domestic violence is another reason one needs to call in an attorney during a no contest divorce. When one party is physically, mentally, or emotional abusive, the victim needs to have an attorney to level the playing field and ensure his or her rights are protected. The attorney acts as an advocate for the abused party, and a no contest divorce usually isn’t the best option. Visit website for more information on divorce and the various options available to partners to learn which is right for any particular situation.

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