Experienced Military Divorce Lawyer in Fair Oaks CA

by | Nov 27, 2015 | Divorce

Issues that come up in some military divorce cases are not relevant to civilian divorces. There are definite differences that require the expertise of an experienced military divorce lawyer in Fair Oaks CA. Issues that has to be resolved before proceedings can even begin, for example, are residence and jurisdiction determinations. Others include custody and parenting time issues, financial issues, and division of military retirement benefits under community property rules.

An experienced lawyer can also explain issues involving support and property division, such as how bonuses and allowances on a service member’s earnings statement gets figured into child support calculations. Understanding those issues will help both parties of a military divorce work together to decide what is best for any children involved, and move forward. Some lawyers, like those found at Thefamilyattorneys.com, have decades of experience in military divorces, and many been military personnel themselves. They are in a unique position to be most helpful at a very stressful time. A consultation is a wise place to start.

Other areas of practice are also handled by a Military Divorce Lawyer in Fair Oaks CA. Civilian divorces, adoption, property division, and questions of paternity are some examples. Grandparent rights, domestic violence, and termination of parental rights are also examples of areas practiced. Parent-child issues such as support, visitation, custody and relocation of a child require experience to be litigated properly. Guardianship, parent fitness issues, and the rights of the child require expertise, compassion, and in some cases, a strong advocate. Divorce, custody, and sensitive issues can be emotional times for everyone, so an objective professional is the best person to have on your side.

If counseling is not an option, or has not worked, and a divorce is inevitable, seeking an experienced lawyer is the best course of action. Knowing how the process begins, having an idea of a time line, and realizing what to expect from procedures is important to get through such a difficult time. A lawyer can take care of the legalities, advise those concerned of their rights, offer mitigation services, become an advocate, and if necessary, represent clients in court.

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