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Facts about Applying for Disability

If it gets to a point in your career where you can no longer work due to pain, serious illness, or other disability, it may be time to file for disability. If you want to file for disability, you must have a significant working history all of which are covered by social security. It is also crucial that you understand Social Security means when they say “disability.” Many applicants assume that because they are experiencing pain that they can no longer work. However, this is not how it is seen by Social Security.

What does Social Security mean by “disabled?”

Social security defines disability much differently than other programs. Social Security will only pay out if you are completely disabled and no longer to work. You are considered to be disabled under the following rules:

* You cannot perform the work you did before
* Social Security decides that you are unable to adjust to different work due to your current medical condition
* Your disability has lasted for at least a year or is a terminal illness that will result in death

If you are able to obtain a job that is not in the field that you worked in previously, and still provide income for your family, then according to Social Security you are not technically disabled. Short-term disability may be required if you have an illness that is not terminal.

Questions to Ask before Applying

If you are thinking about applying for disability there are some questions that you should ask yourself before doing so. These questions will help to determine whether or not you will be ruled as disabled by Social Security.

* Are you currently working? If you are working and make more than $1,090 a month you will automatically be denied for benefits.
* Is this a severe condition? Your current illness or condition must interfere with your basic work activities in order for Social Security to consider your claim.
* Is your condition on the list of disabling conditions?
* Can you do the work you did prior to the injury? If not, is there another type of employment that you can seek?

Of course, there are always special circumstances when it comes to applying for social security. If you live in Illinois you should hire a social security attorney in Rockford to help you determine what these special circumstances might be and if you fall under any of them.

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