Fighting Against Nursing Home Neglect In Greenbelt

by | Sep 3, 2015 | Lawyer

In Maryland, seniors have the right to respect and humane treatment in a nursing home. The state enforces laws that protect these seniors from inadequate care and mistreatment. Nursing Home Neglect in Greenbelt is a crime in Maryland and is punishable through criminal court. The family of the senior has the right to file a civil lawsuit against the nursing home.

Identifying the Signs of Neglect

The signs of neglect include malnutrition and sudden weight loss. The senior exhibits signs of fatigue and weakness. They may also have bedsores on the backside of their body.

Families should document any of these signs. They need evidence to proof that their senior is a victim of neglect. They should pay close attention to the emotional state of their senior. They should evaluate their senior’s reaction to certain staff members.

Signs of Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is also possibly in a nursing home setting. Unexplained bruises or broken bones are clear signs of abuse. Seniors who exhibit fear in the presence of staff members are often victims.

These patients of Nursing Home Neglect in Greenbelt won’t identify their attacker. The reason is the potential for retaliation. In these instances, the attacker has threatened the senior. A common threat is that the staff will hurt the senior’s family if they tell. Seniors with progressive mental conditions are at a higher risk of abuse. They are the most vulnerable to these threats and abusive actions.

Taking Protective Measures

Families that detect clear signs of abuse have the right to remove their senior. They discharge the senior from the nursing home at their own discretion. The nursing home administrators cannot stop them from removing their loved one. However, if the administrator interferes the loved one should contact law enforcement immediately. Nursing Home Neglect in Greenbelt is a valid reason for immediate removal. Visit here to find out more.

Maryland laws prevent nursing homes from mistreating seniors. These laws outline criminal and civil penalties for neglect and abuse. An attorney helps the family enforce these laws and protect their seniors. Families who need help should contact Jaklitsch Law Group immediately for more information.

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