Identifying State Guidelines With a Medical Malpractice Attorney in Mobile, AL

by | Sep 2, 2015 | Law

The statute of limitations for medical malpractice lawsuits in the state of Alabama is two years. Any victim who doesn’t file their claim prior to this deadline forfeits their right to damages. Equally, any plaintiff that fails to follow the guidelines for these cases could have their case dismissed before it reaches the court.

Following Alabama State Guidelines

The state of Alabama requires extensive medical and legal documentation for medical malpractice cases. This documentation must come from at least two doctors with the same or more advance medical credentials than the doctor who caused the injury. They must present evidentiary support for the claim identifying how the injuries occurred and how the defendant is liable.

In these investigations, these doctors must show that the injuries are conducive with the error identified. Testimony from the doctor who provided treatment for the injuries is additionally required. This doctor must detail how the injuries occurred based on their medical experience and knowledge. They must also detail the treatment that was needed for these injuries. If all evidentiary support isn’t provided in the initial claim, the court could dismiss the claim before trial. Victims should discuss the required support with a medical malpractice attorney in Mobile, AL before submitting a claim.

Identifying the Standard of Care

Medical malpractice is tricky in the state of Alabama. The reason for this is that older doctors are still allowed to use outdated medical testing equipment if the federal government hasn’t outlawed it. For this reason, the victim cannot claim that an illness wasn’t identified or treated properly due to the testing method. This could include cases in which the illness could have been identified easier by more advance testing options. The claimant would need more extensive reasoning to show a lower quality of care by the physician.

Medical malpractice cases in Alabama impose stricter requirements than other states. This presents victims with a higher probability of losing if all guidelines aren’t followed thoroughly. This is why the claimant must work with their doctor and a medical malpractice attorney in Mobile, AL to secure detailed and substantial evidence first. To learn more about these cases, contact an attorney or visit the website for additional details.

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