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Filing An Appeal Through Social Security Disability Attorneys In New Bedford, MA

In Massachusetts, the standard procedure for acquiring social security benefits requires applicants to submit their claim with the Social Security Administration. The process requires them to provide information about their disability and how it affects their lives. The primary focus is to prove that the condition prevents them from working.

Filing an Application

Initially, claimants complete an application and submit it. The SSA reviews the application to determine if they are eligible for disability benefits. Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration won’t approve all applications the first time. The approval rate for the state of Massachusetts is 39 percent.

Acquiring an Appeal

All applicants who are denied social security benefits have the legal right to file an appeal. While they have the option to file without legal representation, this could reduce their odds of an approval considerably. Social Security Disability Attorneys New Bedford MA understand what the Social Security Administration needs to establish eligibility. If they hire an attorney to coordinate their appeal, they have a 61 percent chance of acquiring an approval for disability benefits.

What is a Qualifying Condition?

A qualifying condition is classified as either a mental or physical impairment that prevents the applicant from performing any type of employment. They don’t qualify for social security disability if they are unable to perform their previous job only. The terms of eligibility indicate that they cannot perform any job. To prove this, the applicant must offer medical evidence that supports their claim.

Valid Medical Evidence

Valid medical evidence includes records that show a starting date for the disability. It also explains all treatment for the condition. This includes medications that were prescribed and any surgeries that were performed. The applicant’s doctor must identify specifics that show why this condition stops the applicant from continuing to work.

Applicants in Massachusetts, start their claim with the Social Security Administration alone. While this action could allow a small window of applicants to gain approval, others aren’t as lucky. This is why it is vital for applicants with complex cases to hire an attorney to help them. Residents of Massachusetts who were denied these benefits can speak to Social Security Disability Attorneys New Bedford MA by visiting website today.

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