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Find an Experienced Child Molestation Attorney in Allen County, IN

Child molestation is a very serious crime for many reasons. Conviction carries a stiff sentence and society views the accused as a deviant. Child molestation is defined as deviant sexual behavior with a child fourteen or younger. The act must be designed to arouse the adult or child. Additionally, the law forbids sexual intercourse between adults and minors. After serving a prison sentence, convicted child molesters must register as sex offenders. Also, they have to report to a probation officer, and counseling may be mandated.

It is essential to have an experienced child molestation attorney in Allen County, IN. Visit to find out how to schedule a consultation. Child molestation is a hard crime to defend. This is because evidence generally boils down to the defendant’s word versus that of the child. Many states have laws that allow defendants to be convicted solely on a child’s word. That means no other collaborating evidence is required. In Indiana, this crime can be a Class A, B or C felony. The class distinction is based on the severity of the crime. A class A felony carries a minimum sentence of 20 years. Classes B and C carry sentences of 6 years and 2 years, respectively. If one is convicted a second time, they may be sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Hiring a child molestation attorney in Allen County, IN is the first step to prepare a defense. Experienced attorneys are aware of tricks that investigators use. For instance, they often mislead the accused about evidence in order to get a confession. Attorneys know how to get coerced confessions thrown out. They will also look for evidence that can clear the accused. One of the only defenses is that the accused or their family has a grudge against the accused. It is not unusual to find that minors are coached into accusing someone. The attorney may also have to file for bail. Serious felonies usually call for a bail hearing. It is terrible for innocent people to serve prison time. Try to avoid this possibility by hiring the most experienced attorney that can be afforded.

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