Legal Assistance after a Workers’ Comp Injury in Ogden, UT

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Law

Employees are never guaranteed they will receive the benefits they deserve when an accident or illness occurs because of the negligence of an employer. Even though most employers will file the appropriate paperwork when a minor incident occurs, when it is an illness, severe injury or death, some will attempt to deny their responsibility.

It is understandable why an employer would want to deny their fault in a workers’ comp injury in Ogden, UT. When it is a serious incident, they could face numerous inspections, fines and increased insurance rates. They will do what they have to in order to protect their own interests. Of course, that is what the employee must do as well.

Workers’ compensation is designed to cover the financial needs of employees injured on the job. There is more at stake than just replacing a paycheck. Workers’ compensation payments help to cover doctor and hospital costs, prescriptions medications and any other expenses directly related to the accident or illness. For many families, lacking this coverage can be financially devastating.

A claim of workers’ comp injury in Ogden, UT, may be denied for many reasons. A letter of denial should be received detailing why the claim was not paid. It is important for anyone who receives this type of notice to hold on to it. Any attorney will want to review the letter in order to better understand what went wrong with the claim.

The attorneys at  represent employees who have had their claims unfairly denied. They do not represent insurance companies or employers, only the employees. They offer free consultations, so it costs nothing to find out whether or not there is enough information available to make it worthwhile to take a case to court. Winning in court could mean receiving future benefits, as well as retroactive pay from the date when the injury occurred.

No one should be unable to pay their basic bills because a genuine workers’ compensation claim has been denied. There is help available for everyone, even family members if the employee is no longer able to seek help on their own. Schedule a consultation today to discover what resources are available to all employees.

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