Get a Fair Settlement with Help from the Premises Liability Injury Attorney in Port Orchard

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Attorney

When a person owns a property, they are held accountable for making sure it is safe for visitors. When a property owner is negligent, they can end up causing injuries and need to be held accountable. Those who have been injured need to be aware of the rights they hold. When someone is injured, they need to make sure they seek help from a premises liability injury attorney in Port Orchard.

What Must Be Proven?

Injured victims need to be able to prove the property owner was negligent and caused their injuries. To obtain the right level of evidence to prove liability and measurable damages, the injured victim needs to hire a premises liability injury attorney in Port Orchard.

An attorney will immediately go to work on gathering evidence by carrying out an investigation. The attorney has access to information the average person would not be able to gather so they can help their client make sure they are prepared for court, should negotiations with the insurance company prove unfruitful. The following elements must be proven in court:

The property owner must have owed a duty of care to the victim.

The duty of care must have been broken due to the property owner’s negligence.

The property owner’s negligence must have directly caused the victim’s injuries.

The injured victim must have suffered measurable damages as a result of the accident.

Schedule a Consultation

Those who have been injured need to first schedule a consultation with the attorney. At the consultation meeting, the attorney will inform the injured victim of their rights and the state laws that govern those rights.

The attorney will also inform the client of how much their claim is worth and which legal recourse will be most beneficial. Once the attorney is hired, they become the advocate for the victim and work to seek a fair outcome. Those who hire an attorney can obtain a higher settlement for their client.

Those who have been injured because of property negligence should learn about us by scheduling a consultation meeting. Allow the attorney to help you prove your case and win.

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