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Hire a Civil Law Firm in Mount Vernon, WA for Help With Personal Injury, Real Estate or Family Law Matters

Civil courts are those that handle civil cases rather than criminal cases. A civil suit involves a plaintiff who files a complaint against another party or person they believe has caused them injury or monetary loss. Plaintiffs typically request damages or a court order requiring the defendant to take certain actions. For example, in car accident cases, a person may file a case in civil court under personal injury law. Victims can hire the Law Office of Corbin T. Volluz to seek compensation for property damage, lost wages and bodily injury. Read further to learn about the types of cases handled in civil court as well as the differences between criminal and civil proceedings.

Types of Disputes Reviewed in Civil Court

Civil courts frequently hear issues in multiple legal areas, such as:

  *        Personal injury cases

  *        Family law disputes

  *        Real estate and property claims

  *        Business, contract and IP (intellectual property) disputes

How Civil Courts Differ From Criminal Courts

Criminal courts differ from civil courts in that cases are filed by states for law violations. By comparison, civil suits are disputes between private parties. There are other differences regarding:

  *        The level of proof required: Civil cases only need to be proven by preponderance of the evidence rather than beyond a reasonable doubt.

  *        Legal consequences: A civil case typically results in an injunction or a damages award while a criminal case usually involves fines and a jail sentence.

Certain constitutional protections are given to criminal defendants that do not always apply in civil court such as the right to hire a civil law firm in Mount Vernon, WA. Some violations can be tried in criminal court, civil court or both. For instance, there are criminal and civil assault laws.
Should One Hire a Lawyer for a Civil Case?

Unlike criminal proceedings, parties in civil cases must hire their own lawyers. One may need a civil law firm in Mount Vernon, WA, if they have an issue regarding real estate, personal injury or another civil matter. A lawyer can explain how local laws may affect the issue and the attorney can represent the client in court should the need arise.

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