What Can Defendants Expect When They Hire Federal Defense Attorneys?

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Attorney

A federal crime carries a much higher weight than other types. When a person has been charged with a federal crime, they are being charged by the government and could face serious punishment, depending on the type of crime they have committed. Although most people have experienced some form of state court through their personal experience or at least viewed a court case on television, many people are not aware of how federal court operates since it is so different from state court.

When a person is facing federal criminal charges, they need to hire federal defense attorneys to represent them. In these cases, they not only face a federal judge, they also face a formidable prosecution team in the form of Assistant United States Attorneys. Since these prosecutors typically have much lighter case loads, they are able to spend much more time developing their cases and often cannot be bargained with like state district attorneys sometimes can. This is why it is crucial one works with an attorney who has spent time in federal court and knows how to progress to help a client receive a better outcome.

There are a couple of different kinds of federal judges that may reside over a trial. A United States Magistrate Judge is the first judge a defendant stands before. This is typically for the first appearance after an arrest. The main judge will stand before is the United States District Judge. These judges are appointed by the president and are confirmed by the senate, they serve the courts for life and can only be impeached by the senate.

Although there is a jury in federal cases, the jury pool is much different from those in state court. Even sentencing is carried out in a different method. Through the help of federal defense attorneys, defendants can have the legal help they need to go through the processes of their federal trial while having an advocate working on their side.

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