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Hiring an Attorney to Obtain Child Custody in Wichita KS

It is every parent’s dream to find an appropriate arrangement that serves the interest of their child. If you decide that your child is better off living with you after a divorce, you will want to obtain either sole or joint custody of the child. To achieve this, you will need adequate preparation for the child custody hearing. Hiring a child custody lawyer could be the chance you have for getting child custody in Wichita KS due to the following reasons.

Your opposition may hire an attorney

You may be tempted to think that hiring an attorney is a waste of money because you feel smart enough to represent yourself. However, do not forget that your former spouse may get representation. Even if you are the better parent to the child, attempting to fight a legal battle without professional representation is extremely risky due to numerous intricate factions of the complex family law system. The only chance you will have against a represented opponent is getting your own attorney to represent your interests.

Saving time

Hiring an attorney will ensure that the case is handled expediently and efficiently. This is because the lawyer will be armed with knowledge on the required documentation during the filing stage. Further, the attorney will be able to handle the matter professionally without getting emotionally involved, making it possible to finalize the child custody dispute as fast as possible. Besides, the lawyer will facilitate communication between the divorced couple by acting as a mediator which will prevent wastage of time in quarrels. These mediation services may also assist you to reach an agreement with your former spouse outside the courtroom.

Professional advice

Having gained extensive experience in dealing with child custody issues, a child custody lawyer will have the capacity to prepare you so that you are able to answer any questions presented to you without becoming a nervous wreck. Answering questions may lead to your giving confused responses which may reduce your chances of obtaining child custody.

To guarantee a win in your battle for child custody in Wichita KS, you will need an experienced child custody attorney by your side. Contact the law offices of Kevin M. Smith, P.A. for quality representation. They represent clients in various fields of law including family law, criminal defense, DUI defense, probate law, medical malpractice representation and auto accident law among others. For more information, visit their website.

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