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How a Nursing Home Law Lawyer in Rockland County, NY Can Help Your Loved One

While nursing homes may have received a bad reputation in years past, they are now a great option for elderly individuals who are no longer able to provide care for themselves. If you have a loved on who was placed in a home that is not providing adequate care, you should know that your family member has rights that protect them from abuse neglect and exploitation. If you suspect that your loved one was treated improperly, it may be time to hire a Nursing Home Law Lawyer in Rockland County NY. They will be able to help you with your case by providing the following services. Get the help you need to advocate for your loved one’s rights by contacting a lawyer today.


One of the greatest ways an attorney can help is by conducting interviews with your loved one, other residents and staff at the facility in question. This will help them glean necessary information and determine if your loved one was the victim of unfair treatment. Don’t try to conduct interviews on your own, as it is very easy to break laws while doing so, and the information you gather may not be admissible as evidence during your trial.

Facility Records and Logs

A Nursing Home Law Lawyer in Rockland County NY will be able to summon all facility records and logs to help find information that could incriminate the facility. This will include items such as incident reports, medication administration logs and reports of health services. Compiling this information will help solidify your case and help you get the restitution your loved one deserves.

Court Representation

If the nursing home refuses to settle outside of court, then your case may need to be heard in front of a judge and jury. The attorney you hire will be there to represent you and fight so you receive compensation. Don’t try to take on the legal system alone, as you can very easily misrepresent yourself and land yourself in more trouble than before.

Don’t try to take on a nursing home abuse and neglect case alone. Make sure you Visit so you can see the assistance that is available to you. Contact Rockland Injury Law Today to schedule your no obligation case evaluation. It’s the first step in making sure your loved one’s needs are met.




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