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How a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Mattoon, IL Protects Their Clients

A criminal charge is not just devastating to the person who has been arrested, but to their entire family. Even the smallest charge can cause people to have their licenses revoked, be fired from a job and even lose custody of their children. Whether the charge was the result of a bad decision or a misidentification, everyone deserves a fair trial under the law, and by hiring a criminal defense lawyer Mattoon, IL residents are assured of getting the representation they need. Their lawyer is their advocate who will do everything possible to have their client cleared of all charges, while making certain that their rights are always respected.

The work of an attorney begins immediately after they are hired. They assist by seeking a low bail amount so it is easier for their client to make bail and be home during what may be a lengthy process. Each case is carefully reviewed to ensure that proper procedures were followed from the start. All of the information the police or prosecution has assembled from witnesses, statements of others involved and any other evidence available is reviewed. From here, the lawyer will often work with the prosecution to see if the charges can be dropped entirely or at least reduced.

When hiring a criminal defense lawyer Mattoon, IL defendants are not making an admission of guilt, or selecting someone who will make all of their decisions for them. They are providing themselves with the protection they need and are getting that protection from someone they can trust. The attorney will make knowledgeable suggestions about how they should proceed along the way, and the client will be the one to make the final decision about what they want to do.

At Britton Law Offices, LLC they match each client with the lawyer who is most experienced in that specific type of case. Whether it is a single DUI charge without any prior record, or something as serious as a murder charge, every case is defended with the same level of efficiency and competency. Of course, none of this is possible until they are contacted. Do not wait until it is too late, get help immediately by scheduling a consultation.

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