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How a Personal Injury Lawyer in Upper Marlboro, MD Handles Challenging Cases

Lawyers generally handle personal injury cases by working with the insurance company to agree on a settlement. It saves time, keeps courts less crowded and gets the money to their clients a lot faster. Unfortunately, there are occasions when the insurance company will not offer a fair settlement or will refuse to pay anything because they believe their client is innocent. Here is how a personal injury lawyer in Upper Marlboro MD will still ensure their clients get justice.

Review the Facts

The first place they will start is with the police reports. This is when a lot of people admit their mistakes and where responsibility is determined for the accident. The case is not over if the report does not list the other driver as the cause of the accident. A personal injury case can still be won by proving the information in the report is not accurate.

Find New Information

A lawyer may check the area where the accident occurred to see if any surveillance cameras are in use. Video footage of the actual accident is very difficult to argue against. They may also interview witnesses and request to see any photos their client took of the accident scene, the damage to the vehicle or other related photos.

Study All Evidence

The final step a personal injury lawyer in Upper Marlboro MD takes is to look at the big picture and see how it all fits together. This includes how the injuries each person experienced would have occurred or if the damage to the vehicles is possible at the stated speed. There may even be a review of driving records to determine a pattern of careless behavior.

The lawyer may still be able to convince an insurance company to settle. Most of these businesses want to pay as little as possible and avoid the courtroom when the competing lawyer has adequate information to prove their case. The client may wish to hold out and go to court if they have waited this long. The lawyer will offer their recommendation, but the final decision belongs to the client. Check out for more information about personal injury law.

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