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Filing Claims For Social Security Disability

In California, social security disability benefits provide disabled individuals with a means to support themselves. They receive the benefits each month according to the type of disability benefits they were assigned. The value of the benefits is based on the severity of their condition or benefits accumulated through their work history. The following is an assessment of filing claims for Social Security Disability.

Starting the Application Process

The claimant must submit an application for benefits to the Social Security Administration. The application must present details about the claimant’s condition. They must explain when they were diagnosed and provide details about all doctors that provided treatment for the condition. They must also provide medical records for the condition to support their claim.

Visiting Doctors as Instructed by the SSA

The Social Security Administration provides them with appointments with their agency’s doctors. Typically, the claimant will visit a general doctor and a psychiatrist. The doctors assess the claimant based on the type of condition they have. The doctors provide an assessment to the Social Security Administration to determine if the claimant has a valid claim based on a qualify condition.

Providing Financial Details about the Household

If the claimant is applying for Supplemental Security Income, they must provide details about all income earnings for their household. The agency must review the income levels based on the income requirements for the program. The guidelines define income based on whether or not the claimant is married. They must meet income restrictions to qualify.

Receiving an Answer

The Social Security Administration will provide the claimant with an answer based on all information presented. They mail documents to the claimant that present this answers. If the claimant was approved, they are notified of when their benefits will start. If they are denied, they receive a reason for the denial.

In California, social security disability benefits are available to individuals who have qualifying conditions that stop them from working. To start the process, the claimant must submit an application through the Social Security Administration. Claimants who need answers about Social Security Disability can visit us to find more details today.

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