How Can You Get Help From Schaumburg’s Best Bankruptcy Lawyer?

by | Nov 27, 2014 | Bankruptcy Law

Debt can be difficult to deal with no matter the reasons. If you feel you are drowning in debt, it is crucial you take the right steps to get yourself out of debt. This starts with contacting the creditors you owe and working with them to make satisfactory payment arrangements. Unfortunately, not all creditors are willing to work with people. If they refuse to help you overcome your debt, you may want to consider seeking help from Schaumburg’s Best Bankruptcy Lawyer.

When you see the lawyer, it is important you bring in your bills, proof of income and information on any assets you own. The lawyer will use this information to assist you in knowing which bankruptcy option will best benefit your needs. There are two options you have for filing bankruptcy and the type chosen will be based on the information you provide.

If you choose chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will need to have your assets auctioned to pay for your debts. You are not required to auction your home, car, furniture or your clothes, since these are all considered essential property. Once they have been auctioned, the money raised will be distributed among the creditors you owe. After this process is complete, some of your debts may be reduced so you will be able to pay them off.

Another option you can choose, is chapter 13 bankruptcy. Schaumburg’s Best Bankruptcy Lawyer will need to list all of the debts you owe so these can be protected under your bankruptcy status. As long as your debts are listed, you cannot be pursued by the creditors in any way. During your bankruptcy period, you will be required to pay a monthly payment through the court each month. This payment will be distributed among the different companies you owe. This will allow you to be free of debt in two to five years.

If you are tired of hassling with debt and trying to make ends meet, visit They can provide you with the legal help you need so you can learn which bankruptcy option will best benefit your financial needs.

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