Know What to Do Before Calling an Auto Accident Attorney in Tucson

by | Nov 10, 2014 | Law

When there has been an automobile accident, one of the things you can do is to contact an Auto Accident Attorney Tucson. There is a very good chance, however, that you’ll have to handle the immediate situation on your own. The things that you do in the crucial minutes after an accident could end up having a profound impact on the way that your case plays out, so every driver should know what to do and what information to gather.

It’s vitally important that you get whatever information you can about any other drivers that were involved. This means, in part, that you should never settle for a phone number as the only way you have of identifying someone. While most people are honest, there are some that will hand over a fake number and then attempt to disappear to avoid responsibility. People are much less likely to even try to get away with lying if you’re gathering things like an insurance number, the license plate number, and even a photo of the vehicle’s VIN. All of this information makes it a lot more likely that you’ll be able to find the other party later if legal action is needed.

You should also start gathering whatever information you can. Any pictures that you can take of the area where the accident happened may be valuable. You should also gather the names and contact information of any bystanders who stick around to help out, since they may be able to testify about what they saw in court. It’s also helpful to take photographs of the cars involved in the accident, as documentation of exactly what condition they were in at the time.

Pulling together all of this information will make life a lot easier for your Tucson Car Accident Lawyers when you hire one. It’s not a job that you can wait and assign to your attorney, since tracking down witnesses and getting the other driver’s information gets a lot harder if you wait until everyone has left the area and would need to be found again. Once you’ve made sure that you’re all right and you’re ready to talk to a lawyer, contact Clausen Moore Law.

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