If You’ve Been Charged With Domestic Violence, You Need A Criminal Defense Attorney In Burlington, WA

by | Sep 12, 2014 | Legal Services

When an argument with a spouse, dating partner or someone in the household escalates, ending with an arrest for domestic violence, it’s time to call an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Burlington WA& away. Domestic violence charges are serious.

A conviction will carry with it the loss of the right to possess and own firearms. A record of the conviction will be available for anyone to look at in the future, including prospective and current employers and landlords. It would be possible to get this conviction expunged from the records in 5 years, providing that there are no further convictions, but that’s a long time. The 5 years does not even begin to be counted until all requirements of the sentence have been completed and all fines and other applicable financial obligations have been paid.

Every case is unique, but a great number of domestic violence cases involve two angry people, an argument that gets followed by one person threatening violence that may or may not result in someone getting shoved or actually hit. Both people may be attacking each other or one person may only be defending him/herself. Whichever party calls the police, it’s likely that either the man alone will be arrested or, less often, both will be arrested.

A domestic abuse charge does not have to involve anyone actually being physically injured, the “threat of harm” alone may be sufficient. Threatening to harm someone does not have to mean saying you will harm them – preventing the person from leaving the room by standing in the doorway could be considered “threat of harm.” Avoiding conflict is a far better choice. Save ‘talking it over’ for later when tempers have cooled.

Things can move very quickly in a domestic violence case. Restraining order(s) will be issued and you can be standing before the judge a lot sooner than you’d think. Consequences include eviction from the residence and child custody problems. If there were money problems before this happened, there are now greater financial difficulties.

Don’t wait to contact a criminal defense attorney. The speed with which the court system can work means that preparing a defense has to begin immediately. The Howson Law Office vigorously and thoroughly defends domestic violence cases.

Call them immediately to schedule a free consultation.Click here for more details.

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