Important Things to Know and Do When Looking for a Bail Bondsman

by | Aug 14, 2014 | Legal Services

Have you found yourself, a friend, or family member in need of a 24 Hour Bail Bonds in Atlanta? There are many ways a person can get ripped off when searching for a bondsman. To protect yourself, you must be knowledgeable and do your research. Follow these steps and you will be less likely to have someone running off with your money.

Become knowledgeable on how the bond process works. There are two ways of obtaining a bail bond. It can be paid through a bail bondsmen agency, which acts as an insurance policy for the bond or it can be paid in full. The bondsmen are paid a percentage of the fee that is usually ten percent of the bond. The agency will require collateral as insurance for repayment, such as a car or house. It is the cosigner’s responsibility to ensure the defendant appears for his court hearings. If the defendant fails to show the bond will not be returned and the cosigner will be held financially liable. After the defendant has appeared in all of the court proceedings and the case is complete, the bond will be returned minus any penalties and court fees.

Do your research. Whenever possible, ask a friend or other trustworthy third person for a reference. If you need to search and look around online check other customer’s reviews. Be careful not to be swayed by reviews that look like they have been written by the agency to entice business. Verify if they have a good rating with the Better Business Bureau and whether any complaints have been filed against them. If you come across something you don’t like, find another agent. Bond agencies can be found in the trustworthy phone book as well.

You may have heard of the term “ambulance chasers” when it comes to attorneys. There are bondsmen who follow this basic idea. They will hang around the jail and take advantage of individuals who are desperate and advertise that they have the cheapest rates. Don’t fall for these companies. Make sure the bail bondsmen are insured and licensed. In order to obtain a license it is mandatory that an agent complete coursework and renewal of the license must be completed every two years. For more information, please visit, a 24 Hour Bail Bonds in Atlanta.

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