Mistakes that a Car Accident Lawyer will Help You Avoid

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Legal Services

If you want to file a lawsuit against a negligent driver for causing you injuries, make sure you get a good Car Accident Lawyer to help you with this case. Make sure you interview several lawyers before you settle on one. The one you choose should be optimistic and be someone that you can get along with well. If you want to win this case, there are some mistakes you should avoid.

Don’t have unmonitored contact with the other party

Once the case has been filed, the responsible party and their lawyer might try to contact you. Avoid any communication with them and if they have anything to say, let them talk to your lawyer. Any time they try to talk or threaten you make sure you inform your lawyer as it may be used against them.

Limit talk on the case

Avoid sharing your case with anyone. This case should remain between you and your lawyer. Any information you leak carelessly might be used against you. The negligent party can also pay your friends to get information about your case, and they might use some details to win the case over you.

Avoid giving inconsistent information

You should not lie in court and especially to your lawyer. Your lawyer should be the only one who should have the real details about the accident. He will advise you on what you should say when asked a particular question. In the court, avoid saying more than required and when asked by the other lawyer any question, avoid lying. You might lie about something that they have concrete evidence of, and this will lower your chances of winning.

Don’t lose crucial evidence

If you have a Doctor’s appointment as a result of the injury, make sure you honor it. This shows that you are really working on getting better and make sure that you keep all the medical records. In case you have surgery, make sure photos are taken to retain the evidence. Throwing away medical records and evidence lessens the strength of your case.

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