Protect Your Rights: Finding A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Mount Vernon, WA

by | Oct 14, 2014 | Legal Services

Sometimes you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law. An experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Mount Vernon WA, can help you understand the charges against you and prepare the best dense inside and outside of the courtroom. A full service law firm can provide you with help for the following legal issues:

* DUI charge

* Driver’s license reinstatement

* DOL hearings

* Traffic violations and crimes

* Charges relating to drugs

* Personal property crimes

* Juvenile crimes

* Expungement and sealing of records

* Domestic violence and abuse

* Firearm right restoration

* Issues related to search and seizure

Search and seizure plays a large part in many criminal cases. If you’ve been detained, stopped, or had your freedom limited (or you think you have) by law enforcement or other authorities, you have experienced “seizure” in accordance to its legal explanation. This includes arrest, interrogation, and being held at the scene of a supposed crime. If you have questions about what constitutes a seizure, a knowledgeable law office like Howson Law Office can provide you with a thorough explanation of the laws in your area.

If your person, home, business, car, or other property has been searched for evidence you have effectively experienced the search portion of the law. You do not have to waive your constitutional rights simply because you are asked to do so by officers of the law. Remember, any evidence may be used against you in the course of a criminal case. You have the legal right to refuse to allow yourself and your personal property to be searched without the issuance of a search warrant. In order to obtain a warrant, law enforcement will have to provide a judge with a valid reason the search is necessary. If evidence found is used against you, you will also have the right to have the reason for the warrant reviewed.

It is important to remember that any evidence found can be used against you, even if you had no prior knowledge of the evidence and it doesn’t belong to you. If you feel your rights have been violated by an improper use of search and seizure, contact a criminal defense lawyer, today.

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