The Paperwork Needed for Cases of Child Support in Dayton, OH

by | Nov 23, 2015 | Divorce and Custody

The separation of a relationship is a very difficult and emotional time. Among the legal responsibilities that are delegated is the provision for child support. The amount that is delegated varies from case to case. These are some of the items that need to be provided to the lawyers for cases involving the request of child support.

The pay stubs is one of the items needed for Child Support in Dayton Oh. The pay stubs are used to determine the income levels that the family has lived off of. This information is presented as part of the proceedings. It is part of the information the judge uses to determine the amount of support that is to be provided on a monthly basis. The number of pay stubs needed is dependent on the requirements for the particular court case.

Health insurance bills related to the children will also be need to be presented to the lawyer for the process. Since this is a part of the support needed for the children, the bills will need to be part of the paperwork. This amount will be considered as part of the support needed. The information can be obtained from the insurance company directly if the bills are paid electronically. Additional information such as whose work insurance is covering the children maybe needed by the courts as well.

If tuition is being paid for the children, these documents are also needed for the case of Child Support in Dayton Oh. The paperwork associated with school fees is used to determine the amount of support required. Documentation on who pays for the fees will also be needed. School records can be obtained directly from the schools if there are gaps in the paperwork kept at home. The entire school records maybe needed depending on the length of time the child has been in school.

The paperwork related to a child support can be extensive based on the situation of the family. The lawyers will need to be provided with copies as part of any case that involves the children and the separation of households. The lawyer can give exact details or answer any questions about the paperwork.

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