Three Areas A Divorce Lawyer In Milwaukee WI Can Help Negiotiate

by | Jun 22, 2017 | Legal Services

Divorce proceedings can wreak havoc on a person’s emotional stability and leave children in an awkward spot that can be traumatic. Anyone who is going through the divorce process should hire a Lawyer in Milwaukee WI to represent them, as their mental acuity will likely be affected due to the emotional trauma involved with the situation. During the process, there are many things that need to be negotiated, and trying to do it without legal guidance can cost thousands of dollars and leave a person in a tight spot financially and mentally. Be sure to seek the advice of an attorney when discussing the following aspects of a divorce

Custody Issues

The priority of any parent going through a divorce is to minimize the impact it has on their children as much as possible. An attorney can represent one side and work with the other parent to arrange for a custody plan that will provide both parties with the opportunity to spend time with their children. If the other parent is not fit to provide care, then it may be best to hire a lawyer in Milwaukee WI to sue for full custody, which can be a complicated and drawn out process.

Asset Division

Any assets, such as cash or property that the couple may have accrued during their marriage will need to be divided between the parties. Retirement accounts and other long-term investments will also be split up, but an attorney can help fight for their client to keep any investment accounts that they had before the marriage, or retirement accounts that haven’t fully matured to the point of use.

Debt Responsibility

If a couple has debt, then the responsibility of satisfying those bills will be split between the two parties. Some states require a couple to separate before a divorce is granted, and any debt assumed by the parties after that point will not be up for division during a divorce proceeding. Let an attorney ensure the distribution of debt is as fair as possible.

A divorce is hard enough, but going through it alone can make it even more challenging. visit websiteto learn more about the legal services they provide and get guidance through divorce proceedings. Call today to receive a free consultation, and take the first step in making a divorce as easy as possible.

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