Tips for Drawing Up a Separation Agreement in Commack

by | Nov 14, 2016 | Lawyers

A separation agreement is often drawn up before a divorce decree is finalized. These agreements can also be drawn up if a couple does not plan on divorcing in the near future but wants to stay apart. Before an agreement is signed, it is vital that both parties seek legal counsel to ensure they are making the right decisions for their own needs. Because this agreement is a binding contract between both parties, it should not be signed without careful thought and attention to detail. This information will help people better understand what happens when they sign a separation agreement in Commack.

When one meets with their attorney to draw up a separation agreement in Commack, they will need to make sure they are prepared to provide information. Most couples meet separately with their attorneys and then go through mediation meetings to attempt to reach an agreement. Once the agreement is drawn up, it must be approved and signed by the judge before it becomes legally binding for both parties.

There are many issues that can be decided on in a separation agreement, including:

* Child custody and support

* Visitation

* Spousal support

* Split of personal property

* Debts

* Protective orders

It is important to note the separation agreement cannot be enforced unless both parties sign it. A person cannot be forced or pressured into signing an agreement. It is vital a person never signs an agreement without talking with their attorney. Drawing up an effective separation agreement can be difficult and often involves mediation meetings held with both parties and their attorneys.

Working with an attorney will allow a person to discuss their needs and the needs of their minor children in great detail. No one should attempt to write an agreement themselves because this can lead to legal issues that will be difficult to overcome.

If you are facing a separation from your spouse, it is important you explore your options for drawing up an agreement. If you would like legal help in making the important decisions, contact the office of Todd J. Zimmer & Associates. They will be happy to meet with you and discuss your needs so the process can be started.

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