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What Is An Injury Attorney?

An injury attorney in Michigan is a legal professional that represents those who are victims of an accident where an injury has occurred. In the United States injury attorneys represent their clients using the tort law system. Tort law is very different than criminal law and an injury lawyer is very different than a criminal defense attorney or a public prosecutor.

People who believe they have been caused injury have the right to sue the person they feel was negligent. If the injury was caused by any negligence or an intentional action then a law suit can be entertained under the civil law system, otherwise known as tort.

The objective of the tort system of law is to see to it that the individual who suffered injury is returned to the same state he or she was prior to the injury. In the event the injured party suffers medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and damage to property then the victim can sue the negligent party to recover the damages. If the court wishes they can also award punitive damages if they feel the responsible party should be punished.

The first thing anyone who has been injured should do is to hire an injury attorney in Michigan that has an enviable success rate of collecting damages on behalf of a client. The attorney is responsible for filing whatever documents are expected from the court, this is what institutes the lawsuit. The plaintiff is advised of the action and either settles the matter out of court or the case proceeds to trial in the presence of a judge and jury. The majority of injury lawsuits are settled out of court.

Regardless of whether the cases is settled out of court or goes to court the personal injury lawyer helps the client, known as the plaintiff in the action, prove the cause of the complaint. The reasons are simple, it was an accident caused by negligence or it was an intentional act. The plaintiff can sue if the person failed to act responsible, the result was an injury or he can sue someone who intentionally caused him harm.

Most injury lawyers work on a contingency fee which simply means that they get paid once the case has been settled in favor of the client, should the lawyer fail then there is no fee to be paid.

There are many situations that will require the involvement of an injury lawyer; medical malpractice, vehicle accidents, birth injury, wrongful death and more.

If you have suffered an injury as a result of a willful act or negligence then you can hire an injury attorney in Michigan and sue for damages. You are invited to contact THURSWELL Law for a free case consultation.

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