Wrongful Death Lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona Can Help the Families of Drowning Victims

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Law

Drowning cases devastate many families each year, and most are preventable. All drowning cases involve the loss of life, but some cases also have an element of legal liability. If someone’s reckless or negligent behavior causes another person’s drowning, the family of the victim can receive compensation through a wrongful death suit with the help of the Garrison Law Firm.

Lawsuits After Drowning Cases

When someone dies due to someone else’s negligent actions, the victim’s family can hire a wrongful death lawyers in Phoenix, AZ and take the case to court. The suit can come about because the other person’s actions caused the accident, or because the person responsible for the water body was reckless or negligent. For instance, a lifeguard’s negligence can contribute to a drowning, and the owner of the swimming area may be held liable.

Boat Accidents

Some drowning cases involve watersports. Wave runners, jet skis and waterskiing can cause fatal injuries, but not all accidents are caused due to negligence. For example, if a skier is hit by a boat and then drowns, the boat operator can be held legally responsible for the drowning. Civil liability can ensue, and if the operator was intoxicated, they might face manslaughter charges.

Pool Regulations

State and federal governments have enacted rules for those operating spas and swimming pools. Pool owners must install drain covers that prevent suction; these covers prevent thousands of drowning cases every year. Many operators of public pools, such as hotel owners, have changed the drain covers, but some don’t do it due to oversight or as a cost-cutting measure. If a drowning happens in a pool that isn’t in compliance with federal or local rules, the violation can serve as evidence against the operator during a wrongful death action.

Drowning is a tragic event, and it can leave a family devastated in more ways than one. The tragedy can seem even more terrible if it’s later discovered that the death occurred due to someone else’s negligence. If someone loses a family member due to drowning, Wrongful death lawyers in Phoenix, AZ can help them determine whether they can hold anyone liable and whether a monetary recovery is available.

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