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What Parents Need To Know About Child Support In Dayton Oh

Some cases involving Child Support in Dayton Oh can get downright nasty. There are times when parents actually stop working because they don’t want to pay child support. People may choose to work under-the-table jobs. These are jobs where people are paid in cash and taxes aren’t reported. People who quit their jobs, choose not to work, or who try to remain underemployed will usually have to deal with a court ruling on potential income. This is when a judge estimates how much a person would make if he/she was employed to in a full-time job. Child support will be determined by the number the judges comes up with for potential income.

It’s important for people who are paying Child Support in Dayton Oh to know that support can always be modified. Modifying child support is something that has to be done through the proper channels. What if a person paying child support suffers a cut in pay? The first thing that person needs to do is contact a lawyer so that an attempt can be made to modify child support. Some people mistakenly think the court will understand missing child support payments because of a significant decrease in pay. Unless paperwork is officially filed, the court will not be understanding. Choosing not to pay support because of a cut in pay is a violation of a court order.

It’s important to understand that modification of child support can work both ways. Parents who are receiving child support can also have it modified. What if a parent receiving child support finds out that the other parent has received a significant raise? The person may want to seek out more money for child support from the parent making more money. There are times when parents who get raises work hard to hide that information from parents they are paying support to. Lawyers can be used to gather information about whether or not a parent has received a raise at work.

The bottom line is that child support is something that is ordered by the court and should be taken very seriously. This is why lawyers need to be involved so that a parent gets the best outcome possible.

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