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Hiring Questions for Your Potential DWI Lawyer in Charlotte, NC

DWI cases can be extremely stressful for first-time offenders, particularly if they’ve never gotten in trouble with the law before. What penalties are you facing? How will this mistake forever impact your life moving forward? The stress and anxiety that comes from the charge itself can sometimes overshadow the actual issue of why driving while intoxicated is so dangerous to yourself and other drivers, especially for younger drivers.

When you’re looking for legal representation for your case, you’re bound to feel even further overwhelmed as there are a number of attorneys who claim to be well-versed and successful in defending their clients against DWI charges. Understand that while the cost of representation is certainly important if you’re on a budget, it should not be the deciding factor in your selection of a legal representative.

To help with your search, here are a few questions you should ask all potential attorneys for hire. Most lawyers with experience and stellar customer service will have no problem answering your questions and backing up their knowledge as a DWI lawyer in Charlotte, NC.

How Long Have You Specialized in DWI Cases and Were Any Similar to Mine?
Sometimes clients make the mistake of only asking about experience with DWI cases, and not more specifically about cases that were similar to their own that a prospective lawyer may have handled. Of course, you want to know how long they’ve specialized in DWI law, and you’ll want to know about their success rate in reducing sentences, fines, or having cases thrown out completely. However, you should also go over the details of your case and determine if the DWI lawyer has ever worked on a case similar to yours. While this may not make or break your decision to hire the attorney, having a lawyer who has worked on a similar case or who is able to walk you through an initial argument to present to the judge on your behalf will significantly put your mind at ease. Also, it demonstrates the working knowledge and experience of your prospective lawyer, which will help you make a decision regarding hire.

What Obstacles or Challenges Do You Foresee With My Case?
Not every case is the same and rarely are there open and closed guilty verdicts that result in maximum fines. Rather than stress about the potential result of your actions, engage in a logical conversation about the facts of your case with your prospective lawyer hire. Your potential DWI lawyer will walk you through the foundation of their argument for dismissal or reduced sentencing and fines. They should be able to highlight the strengths in your case, and also the weak areas that the prosecutor will attack. Knowing this will help you gauge the lawyer’s knowledge and also what the plan will be to overcome the challenges with your case.

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