What Should Non-Custodial Parents Know About Child Visitation Law in Stroudsburg, PA?

by | Aug 2, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

One of the most serious issues in a divorce is the custody and visitation of minor children. Nothing is more heart-wrenching for parents to decide. When a parent wants to protect their rights, they need to be aware of child visitation law in Stroudsburg, PA. Sometimes, it is crucial to hire an attorney for help.

What Happens If Parents Agree on Custody and Visitation?

If two parents can come together in agreement, the courts will not need to get involved. Although no court intervention will be necessary, parents should meet with an attorney so their custody agreement can be drawn up and accompanied by a consent order from the judge.

These custody and visitation agreements need to be explicit, leaving out no details. This will help both parents to avoid confusion and conflicts in the future. It is always better if both parents can amicably come together and make the best decisions for their child.

How Do the Courts Deal Wwth Custody and Visitation Disputes?

When parents cannot agree on custody or visitation, the lawyer specializing in child visitation law in Stroudsburg, PA will sometimes require a court-mandated mediation. The court will initially schedule at least two mediation meetings in the hopes the parents can work out their differences and come to an agreement.

If an agreement cannot be reached, the court will get involved and work to protect the rights and best interests of the child. It is important to note that it is very rare for a parent to be completely denied custody. Even if a parent has been found abusive, they may have the right to supervised visitation.

Get the Legal Help You Need

Parents have the right to see their children and be a part of their lives. Unless a parent’s rights have been terminated, the courts will grant a visitation schedule to a parent. A parent needs to make sure they protect their rights by hiring an attorney.

You can get legal assistance when you call to schedule a consultation. With the help of an attorney, your rights will be protected and you can work to ensure you are able to have fair visitation with your child.

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