What to Expect When an Estate Goes to Probate Court

by | Jul 9, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

When a person passes away distributing the property is not as easy as turning the estate over to the beneficiaries. Before the beneficiaries can inherit the estate, the deceased person’s estate much goes through probate court first. There are various stages of probate that must be followed before the assets can be passed on to the designated individual named as the beneficiary. To ensure the property is allocated to the right person, it is important to establish a will naming who should inherit your property. Without a will, the estate will be distributed according to your state’s law and often passed on to direct family members. A will is important if you wish a non-family member to inherit your possessions. A probate lawyer in Moline, IL area can assist you in drafting a will and be a vital resource when your property goes into probate.

Stages of Probate

  • The beneficiaries and debt collectors are notified that you have passed away.
  • During the probate process, if a will has been established, the validity of the will is verified by the court.
  • Your property is collected, and an inventory is created of your assets.
  • Any debts left outstanding such as funeral expenses, medical bills, and taxes are paid.
  • In the final stage, the property is distributed according to the will or the state law if a will has not been established.
  • A probate lawyer in Moline, IL can assist in collecting your property and obtaining the appraisal on how much the assets are worth.

Benefit from Hiring a Reputable Attorney

David J. Franks Attorney at Law offers the services you require to help with the probate process. Their law firm can aid the executor of your estate to assist in validating your will. In addition to helping solve any conflict that may come up during probate.

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