Do You Really Need a Bankruptcy Attorney? In a Word: Yes!

by | Jul 5, 2018 | Attorney

Spend even five minutes online searching for information about debt relief or bankruptcy options and the different sites make it seem fairly simple and straightforward. Ask anyone who has gone through a process like bankruptcy without legal help, and most would tell you that it is not a DIY venture. In other words, you need a bankruptcy attorney, and this is true even if you don’t decide to file but instead look at options for debt relief.

Why? The realities are simple, and according to one website about the law, “Some people represent themselves because they can’t afford the attorney fees. Others have simple cases and don’t feel the need to hire an attorney. But while doing so is possible, it’s not wise…” This is because, for the most part, problems are going to occur even before you file for bankruptcy.

As the simplest example of this, someone who doesn’t sit down and have a consultation with a bankruptcy attorney may not realize that they did not need to file or what filing meant. They did not discover or have a chance to explore the alternatives, or even learn if bankruptcy would erase the debts that drove them into financial hardship (such as educational loans which cannot be erased by bankruptcy).

Another reason you must have an attorney is that you have to determine the appropriate chapter type for your situation, and then do all of the paperwork. This is far more complex than many realize, and for the most part, bankruptcy claims have scores of forms involved. There is a federal package, local court forms, and other documents that (if overlooked) can be disastrous.

What Is at Stake?

Remember too, without a bankruptcy attorney, you may remain unaware of property exceptions and lose something you could have retained, such as a car or heirloom. You may also fail to take mandatory credit counseling and financial management course because you are unclear about the requirements.

Lastly, you need a bankruptcy attorney simply to understand what to do if certain motions or “adversary actions” occur, or how to handle a deny of discharge. There are just too many factors involved, and it is best and wisest to have professional help.

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