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What To Look For In A Social Security Law Firm In Tennessee

If you’ve become injured and cannot work, you may feel that the process of going through social security disability (SSD) is too complicated. You may not even know where to start because it is so confusing. In most cases, people are denied benefits because they didn’t use a law firm in Tennessee who specializes in SSD. Therefore, it may be best to look for businesses that can help you before starting the application.

Industry Experience

The lawyer you choose may have extensive knowledge of the laws governing SSD. However, you shouldn’t just focus on their experience, but should also look into how long the social security law firm has been around in Tennessee. If the company is less than five years old, the attorney could be younger or may have split from a partnership. Either way, this could mean trouble. It’s best to hire someone who has been with the same company for five to ten years.

Their Culture

While it may not seem important to focus on the firm’s culture, you should. Would you go to a doctor who always fought with the nurses and was rude or contentious? In all likelihood, you wouldn’t. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to choose a lawyer who clashes with other personalities. They may be required to work together, and if they can’t or don’t want to, you could suffer.

Ask Questions

Whenever you’re picking a new lawyer, make sure you ask pertinent questions and get honest, straightforward answers. They should make the process of filing SSD easier, not more complicated with acronyms and jargon that you don’t understand.

The social security law firm you choose in Tennessee should have experience, knowledge, and care about your concerns. Visit the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C. today for more information. Follow us on Google+.

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