The Importance of Getting the Right DCFS Defense in Oswego, IL

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Lawyers

In the last thirty years, a lot of issues have arisen around people being charged with some form of child neglect or abuse. In some cases, the charges are legitimate and for the necessary protection of the children. In a lot of other cases, however, the system is abused and social workers and the Department of Children and Family Services are called unnecessarily. What one person may consider child abuse or endangerment, another person may see as merely disciplining the child.

Defining Actual Child Abuse or Neglect

The most important thing from the beginning is making sure whether or not there is an actual case of child abuse or neglect. If a parent or parents are charged with such a serious infraction, the right attorney needs to be called upon. An attorney who can provide the right DCFS defense in Oswego, IL helps clients to ensure everything is in proper legal order when charged with child neglect or abuse. The failure of a parent to provide minimal parenting for a child’s basic needs is referred to as neglect, while abuse can be physical, mental or sexual.

What Can Happen When the Department of Children and Family Services Are Called

Naturally, not every case that is reported to a hotline is actually a case of child abuse or neglect. Trained professionals on the hotline will determine the need based on information they receive from the callers. If the department gets involved, a lot of times the children may actually be removed from the home for their safety. In many cases, though, the intent is to try to get the family involved in a certified intervention program before such drastic measures are taken.

Who Can Help in Illinois

If a person or family is charged with child abuse or neglect, an experienced attorney should be called upon. The Cosentino Law Firm has been providing legal solutions for clients in the Oswego, Illinois area for more than 10 years. For any person or agency in need of the right DCFS defense in Oswego, IL, the law firm is available.

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