When Should People Hire a Dog Bite Attorney in Gig Harbor?

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Personal Injury Attorney

Though owners are required by law to handle their dogs and prevent them from causing injuries to others, owners do not always follow the law. When someone is bitten by a dog, the owner is often held liable for the injuries their dog caused. There are several steps an injured person should take to ensure they are able to receive fair compensation. By reviewing this information, victims can be prepared for pursuing a claim.

The first step is to try and identify who the dog belongs to. This is important, not only for liability purposes but also for making sure the dog has been properly vaccinated and does not have rabies. Should the owner be unable to be found or the dog has not been vaccinated, the bitten victim may need to go through rabies injections to ensure they do not develop the disease.

It is crucial a person seeks medical treatment as soon as they can since dog bite injuries can quickly cause massive infection. The bite victim needs to make sure they inform the medical staff of how they were injured so it can be notated on their chart. In most cases, the dog will need to be quarantined for a certain period of time to ensure it is not ill with any contagious disease.

Before trying to speak with the owner or pursuing compensation in any way, it behooves an injured person to seek the help of a dog bite attorney in Gig Harbor. With the help of an attorney, an injured person can better understand their rights and what needs to be done for them to pursue fair compensation for their bite injuries. The attorney will work to ensure the client gets the fair compensation they are owed, even if it means pursuing a trial in court.

If you have been injured through a dog bite, you need to hire a dog bite attorney in Gig Harbor. For more information on how an attorney can help you pursue your claim, contact the Otto Law Offices. They will be happy to help you pursue your case so you can get fair compensation.

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