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When To Involve A Los Angeles Auto Accident Lawyer

There are many different types of car accidents that happen in Los Angeles on a daily basis. These accidents can range from minor “fender benders” where there is no injury and minimal property damage to accidents that result in significant damage, serious injuries and even tragically in death.

Not all types of vehicle accidents require an attorney to be involved. In the simple types of low damage and low monetary types of crashes, an auto accident lawyer is rarely required when both parties have insurance.

However, when there is significant damage to a costly vehicle, if there are short or long-term medical needs due to injuries or if there is a death in the wreck, having an auto accident lawyer on your side should be a priority.

Don’t Count on the Insurance Company

With significant types of accidents, the role of the insurance adjuster is to pay out as little as possible to obtain a settlement. Often with the mounting costs of vehicle rentals and repairs and medical bills, people feel pressured into taking this initial offer.

While it may seem like a large amount at the time, once the offer is accepted there is no way to go back and dispute the amount in a few weeks or months when medical issues continue or even become more costly to treat. Lost wages, the need for ongoing rehabilitation, pain and suffering and similar types of issues cannot be addressed if a settlement offer has been accepted.

The Attorney Benefits

With an auto accident lawyer on your side, these offers can be reviewed and evaluated. The experienced Los Angeles vehicle accident lawyer will then prepare a counteroffer and enter into negotiation or mediation to attempt to come to a fair settlement in your case.

In some accidents, the attorney may represent the client all the way through litigation. Having an attorney with experience and expertise in vehicle accidents will be critical to getting a fair settlement and compensation.

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