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Why is Hiring a Divorce Attorney in Dodge, WI Important?

Just about the only case where a lawyer is not recommended is when the two people are divorcing do not have assets or children. These couples will find that it’s simple to divorce since there is nothing that needs to be split, no children to determine custody of and no need for any mediation. In all other cases, a lawyer can be extremely beneficial for the client. Even though this might be one extra expense added onto an expensive divorce, it could end up saving the person quite a bit of money.

Splitting Assets

When there are assets owned by the married couple, the assets will need to be split fairly. A Divorce Attorney in Dodge WI area, can help them determine what each person should receive and help to negotiate a larger amount if the other person wants more than their client or feels their client doesn’t need any of the assets. Although some couples can work this out before they speak with a lawyer, in many cases the couple is not willing to work together and will try to get more than the other client. A lawyer can help ensure their client is not taken advantage of.

Determining Custody, Support and Visitation of Minors

When there are children, the couple will need to work together to ensure the child’s interests are taken into consideration, and the outcome reflects what is right for the child. Many couples fight over the custody, child support, and visitation. The lawyer will look out for the child’s interests and ensure one parent isn’t able to have full custody or be forced to pay an extreme amount of child support when both parents are fit to raise the child equally. These aspects of a divorce are often highly contested and having a lawyer on hand can help the couple come to an agreement for their own children that works with their own needs.

Almost anyone who is getting a divorce should at least have a consultation with a Divorce Attorney in Dodge WI to find out if it’s necessary to have legal representation in their case. Their spouse may have already secured legal counsel, so they may want to ensure they’re going to have representation, so they don’t have to try to work out the divorce alone against a Divorce Attorney.

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