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Why Parents Should Hire a Custody Attorney in Romney WV

A child custody agreement is a legal arrangement dictating parents’ responsibilities for their children. Custody is divided into two types: physical and legal custody. While physical custody determines where the child will reside, legal custody gives parents decision-making rights. Both custody types have differing options, and arrangements can be customized to suit children’s needs. Even in amiable divorces, having the help of a custody attorney in Romney WV can be invaluable. Attorneys can help clients with child custody in the ways listed below.

Attorneys Know What to Expect

Competent lawyers know West Virginia’s family laws, and they know what to expect from other parties involved in the case. By hiring a lawyer who is well-versed in the state’s child custody laws, clients gain a valuable advocate who can help them get the most favorable results.

Lawyers are Skilled Negotiators

According to the American Bar Association, less than five percent of child custody cases make it before a judge. Therefore, parents usually determine custody through negotiations between themselves and their respective attorneys. Having quality legal representation can help clients ensure that they’re not taken advantage of during the process, and the lawyer will always negotiate for the client’s best interests.

Attorneys Have Courtroom Confidence

If a case does go to court, a custody attorney in Romney WV will know how to protect clients’ rights in the courtroom. Lawyers will have the right documentation to support the client’s claims, and they can answer the judge’s questions with supporting evidence as well.

Help Setting up Child Support

Child custody attorneys also focus on issues of child support. Lawyers can ensure that the custodial parent receives enough support to care for the children, and they can also ensure that the other parent isn’t paying too much. Without a lawyer’s help, a parent may overpay or not get enough money, depending on his or her situation.

In striving to obtain a fair resolution, a child custody attorney with the Sherman Law Firm demonstrates that they care about the client and his or her children. Family law experience allows lawyers to understand that custody can be a difficult issue, but it also allows them to find a solution that works for everyone involved.

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