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Why You May Need Bucks County’s Best Prison Defense Attorney

When you face criminal charges, are convicted and sent to prison, you may have the misconception that you have no rights; however, this is simply not true. Prisoners do, in fact, have rights and if your rights are violated you may need the services of Bucks County’s Best Prison Defense Attorney. This individual can ensure that you are represented and receive a fair outcome for the issue you are facing. The first thing to understand is the rights that prisoners have.

Convicted criminals, who have been incarcerated in the prisons in America, are, in many cases, facing less than ideal conditions. While the prison system is supposed to be designed to rehabilitate criminals, it is becoming more and more difficult for this to happen due to facilities or staff that is inadequate. However, prisoners who are incarcerated do have rights, which neither the state, nor the agents of the state can legally violate.

Prisoner’s Rights Explained

     *     The rights of a prisoner include:

     *    Protection from cruel or unusual types of punishment.

     *    Stay free from any type of sexual harassment or other sex crimes.

     *    Have access to the court system in order to complain about the prison you are in, as well as the treatment of inmates.

     *    Mental health and medical care.

     *    All protections supplied by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

     *    Stay free from all types of racial segregation unless it is necessary for certain safety reasons.

What are the Rights that Prisoners do not Have?

While there are a number of rights given to prisoners, there are also rights that they do not have, which include:

     *    Privacy in their prison cells.

     *    A limited freedom of speech.

     *    Prior to having access to the courts, prisoners must first use the internal methods of resolution.

     *    A court can dismiss a claim from a prisoner if it has been determined to be malicious or frivolous.

     *    Prisoners have to show some type of physical injury before they are able to make a claim of emotional or mental injury.

If you are facing any issues, or have a loved one who is, then seeking the services of the Bucks County’s Best Prison Defense Attorney is essential. They can provide representation and determine if rights are being withheld. This is the best course of action for anyone behind bars. For more information visit website.

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