Ask Your Aurora Family Law Attorney: Should You Create a Prenup?

by | Jun 8, 2018 | Attorney

When you first propose and get the “Yes!” you’ve been waiting for, it’s easy to get swept up in the romance of getting married. One thing that isn’t very romantic is a prenuptial agreement, or a prenup. Many people have the idea that a prenup is something that is meant to explain what will happen if a couple divorces, though that’s not entirely the case. In fact, this type of agreement is also very helpful if one spouse gets ill, or is unable to make legal decisions for any reason. Here are some reasons why a prenuptial agreement should be part of your wedding preparation:

Prenups Keep Assets Separate

If you are entering a marriage and you have a lot of assets on your own, such as properties, a hefty paycheck, lots of investments, or a big savings account, a prenuptial agreement can ensure that – should you need to leave the marriage in the future – you’ll leave in the same financial state that you brought with you

Prenuptial Agreements Help You Avoid Money Fights

Another thing that a prenup can do is to act as a sort of pre-wedding agreement on how you’ll handle the assets and finances after you are married. If you are worried about having a lot of fights due to money, a prenup could pit your mind at ease. Should either of you be unable to make decisions while married, the prenup can act as a guide to what each other wishes.

Prenups Protect Your Existing Children

If either of you has existing children before getting married, and you don’t want their inheritance to be part of any hypothetical divorce, it’s a very good idea to get a prenup. This document can ensure that your children’s financial future is stable no matter what happens in your relationship.

Prenups Protect Your Business

In the same vein, a prenup can ensure that any business you own won’t be dissolved so that the asset can be divided in the event of a divorce. That is very important not only for you, but also for business partners, employees, and clients.

At the Fitzgerald Law Firm P.C., we are the experienced Aurora family law attorney that can help you navigate the tricky waters of a prenuptial agreement. It may not be romantic, but it is a very good way to ensure that your marriage isn’t filled with hard decisions in the future.

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