Hire an Expert for Your Next Visit to the Social Security Disability Office in New Bedford, MA

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Lawyers

It may surprise you to learn that the majority of SSD, or Social Security disability, applications are denied at the initial claims level and must go through a system of reconsideration or even an appeal before finally receiving approval. Hiring a professional to help you with each visit to the Social Security disability office will not only make sure that this is a much reduced risk on your part but also help you to eliminate the type of mistakes that are often the cause of such denials. Hiring an expert will ensure you that have all documents accounted for, paperwork filled out, and any other type of report or background information necessary to be approved at the initial claims level.

Avoid Technical Mistakes

Even filling out your information in a slightly incorrect manner may result in your application receiving an initial denial from the Social Security disability office in New Bedford, MA, which is why you need an expert such as Sara J. Frankel. She will help you avoid such mistakes. These experts look over each and every detail of your case and help you put together an application that is not only much more likely to be approved without hassle, but that will be passed through each stage of approval at the fastest rate. These experts will do in weeks what may take you months or even years to achieve, which is why they are exceptionally beneficial.

High Standards

A professional working to improve your chances during each visit to the Social Security disability office will ensure that you never fail to enjoy peace of mind during the process. After a serious injury or illness takes away your ability to work, this may yet be the only way to receive enough monetary support to continue living in your current home and enjoying the simple luxuries of life. A condition severe enough to take your ability to work away for 12 months or longer and a low monthly income are all that you need to become eligible for these benefits; a lawyer will show you the way to success.

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