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Identifying Incidents Covered Under Racial Discrimination Laws in Springfield, MA

Massachusetts applicants deserve a chance at any job in which they are qualified. Under employment laws enforced in the state, these applicants acquire this chance. However, some applicants could face further difficulties based on racial preferences and prejudices. Under racial discrimination laws in Springfield, MA, attorneys fight for the legal rights of these applicants.

Discrimination When Hiring

In today’s society, applicants submit applications electronically. They aren’t required to submit information about their gender or race. The purposes of these exceptions are to prevent employers from excluding applicants based on race. Applicants who interview for these positions and aren’t hired may be victims of discrimination. The only way to know this for sure is if an investigation determines that the employer hires applicants of one specific race.

Discrimination When Promotions Are Available

Employment records determine what racial makeup identifies upper management employees. If certain races are excluded, this could be a red flag for racial discrimination. Employees who have applied for upper management positions or were overlooked for a promotion should contact an attorney. An attorney helps them determine if they are the victim of discrimination.

Identifying Trends in Racial Discrimination

Popular trends among racist employers include hiring enough workers within certain races to avoid detection. However, these employers place these workers into low-paying positions and don’t offer them any opportunities for advancement.

In some instances, workers may be aware of these trends. Unfortunately, these workers are often threatened or coerced into silence. These workers may have the opportunity to report these conditions to the appropriate agencies if they come forward. Once the employer is reported, these employers face repercussions. This could lead to improved working conditions for all workers and the same opportunities for all workers.

Massachusetts laws prevent employers from using racial preferences when hiring workers. These same laws prohibit the exclusion of any race when promotions are available. They prevent business owners from keeping employees of varying races from gaining management positions in the company. Applicants and employees who face these actions must enforce their rights through racial discrimination laws in Springfield, MA. Their first step is to contact Connor, Morneau & Olin to hire an attorney today.

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