If You’ve Been Bitten, Talk To The Most Experienced Dog Bite Lawyers In Long Island, NY

by | Oct 7, 2014 | Legal Services

We’ve all heard of horrific dog bites. We’ve seen pictures of a child with multiple scars or perhaps heard about an older woman actually killed by dogs while delivering Christmas presents in her neighborhood. Dog bites are traumatic and normally unprovoked.

We all love our dogs, but keeping a dangerous animal poses a huge liability. It’s absolutely essential to be a responsible dog owner or risk a huge financial liability or even jail time. Dog Bite Lawyers in Long Island NY talk to people every day who have been horribly injured by a biting dog.

  • The facts clearly show that some breeds are more likely to bite than others. That is closely linked to the size and aggressiveness of the dog. We have probably all encountered a nippy small dog at some time or other, but those bites don’t compare in severity to a big dog bite. Pits bulls lead the pack for the most dog bite fatalities every year.

  • Training is important for any dog, but critical for a large breed. The dog must recognize it’s position in it’s human ‘pack’ – and that position must not be as the leader. Training will teach the necessary submissive behavior and teach the dog to instantly obey any ‘Stop’ commands. The human must always be the Leader of the Pack.

  • Don’t copy security dog training unless you are training a security dog and know what you’re doing. Aggressive games encourage aggressive behavior.

  • Dogs who have been spayed or neutered are less aggressive. Spaying or neutering is important for a variety of reasons, but can also be useful for safety reasons.

  • The most important safety tip of all is to never leave a dog alone with a baby or small child. There have been far too many instances of a dog suddenly attacking a child even though the dog had never exhibited such behavior previously. While most dogs tolerate being poked or hit by a toddler, it’s far better to prevent the possibility of a bite. If someone else’s dog bites your child, talk to experienced Dog Bite Lawyers in Long Island NY.

The Law Office of Matthew Glassman Long Island NY has a wealth of experience with animal bite cases. These Expert Dog Bite Lawyers in Long Island NY represent those who are due compensation for the injuries that they have suffered. Contact the office to schedule a free case evaluation.

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