Reasons You May be Denied for Disability

by | Dec 1, 2015 | Attorney

When you submit an application for social security disability insurance, you are probably thinking it is a sure thing. You know all of the reasons why you should receive disability benefits. Even though you may be right, this is not how the people responsible for approving your application see it. It is not just important to consider the reasons you should be granted disability insurance but also the reasons you may not receive the answer you were hoping for.

1. You make too much money – If you are currently working when you apply for SSI it is important to be aware of the pitfalls to doing so. If you make too much money you will be denied SSI. As of this year the limit per month is $1,090. If you are currently making more than that amount you will automatically be denied.

2. They cannot find you – If the SSA and Disability Determination Services are unable to locate and communicate with you regarding examinations and other serious matters then you will be denied benefits. It is absolutely crucial that you stay in contact with your representative at all times. Once they lose contact with you they will deny you, plain and simple.

3. Your lack of cooperation – The Disability Determination Services must have your medical records in order to determine your eligibility for SSI. If you refuse to allow these records to be released they may also deny you. Examinations and medical records have to be received by your representative by the deadline or you will be denied for SSI.

4. You are addicted to alcohol or drugs – DDS will deny your application for SSI if you are currently addicted to any type of drugs or alcohol. A medical examination will be what determines whether or not you are an addict.

5. Convicted of a crime – If you have ever been convicted of a crime and served time in prison then you will be denied your benefits. Even if you were injured while in prison, you will not be considered for SSI.

The Cold Hard Facts

It is not up to you to determine whether or not you should receive social security insurance. The Disability Determination Service will be the ones who make the call. Filing for benefits is a complicated process. Your best bet is to hire disability lawyers in Mississippi who can guide you through the process and help you win your case.

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