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Starting A Medical Malpractice Case With A Personal Injury Attorney In Grand Haven

In Michigan, medical malpractice cases are the direct result of a doctor’s failures. The circumstances of the events define the severity of the liability and if the doctor loses their license. The state provides patients with a three-year window to file legal claims when a doctor has produced an error or injury. A Personal Injury Attorney in Grand Haven presents the opportunity to seek compensation through a lawsuit.

Why a Medical Witness is Needed

A medical witness is needed to explain the error and how it was produced. The medical witness must possess the same credentials of the defendant. In the trial, the witness shows what the doctor did and where the liability exists. They also explain what action should have been taken to avoid this error.

The First Action of the Hospital

The first action of the hospital is to find a way to get the patient to settle out of court. Mediation is scheduled to allow each side to discuss the medical error or injury. The victim presents information about their injury. The doctor explains what happened and answers questions about the case. If successful, the hospital provides a settlement to the patient.

Preparing for the Lawsuit

If mediation fails, the lawsuit goes to trial. The outcome of the trial is determined by a jury. Each party has equal time to present their case. Medical witnesses and additional hospital staff provide testimony about the patient’s injuries and the procedure performed.

What Could Happen?

If the claimant wins, they receive the full cost of their medical care. The court can award punitive damages as a form of punishment for the doctor. They may also present an award for pain and suffering or other related tort rulings. The jury also determines if the doctor loses their medical license.

In Michigan, medical malpractice cases allow a patient to seek damages when a doctor fails them. According to federal laws, the doctors must provide high-quality care for all patients. They cannot discriminate against patients based on personal beliefs. Victims of these events contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Grand Haven through Bleakley Law Offices P C today.

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