The Most Common Reasons to Hire a Small Business Attorney

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Attorney

Most individuals who own a small sized business will have an insurance agent, accountant, and perhaps even a business consultant to provide advice. However, many small businesses do not have a relationship with a small business lawyer. You may not need one on an everyday basis, but there are some situations where you should seek the assistance of a professional.

Problems Involving Employees

This encompasses a few different situations, each of which is important. An attorney can be helpful when you are in the process of deciding whether to hire contractors or employees. The expert can give you information about what is required of you in each case. If you do have contractors, they can also help you draft an agreement. The final reason you may need a lawyer for employee-related problems comes to hiring and firing. The last thing anyone needs is a discrimination suit, so being fully educated on what is legal is crucial.

Negotiating or Writing a Contract

Another situation where a small business lawyer is a good investment is when you are drawing up contracts. Most people don’t have a knowledge of contracts and the legal jargon within. An attorney can provide you with information about whether the contract you are signing or writing is problematic or favors your business. They will also come in handy if someone breaches a contract and you aren’t sure what you have the right to do legally.

Issues Relating to the Environment

There should always be a lawyer involved if you’re in a situation where your business is related to an environmental issue. This could involve anything from emissions to waste disposal, manufacturing, or raw material development. Even in situations where your business is not involved, an attorney can help. For instance, a small business attorney can help if you discover your location is on the hazardous soil.

Government Complaints

The final reason an attorney may be needed is if you are served with a government complaint. These complaints can relate to all sorts of situations, and regardless of the cause, you should contact a lawyer. This person can help you determine what the best plan of action is to avoid further issues and handle the current situation with the least stress.

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