Two Major Reasons Why a DWI Lawyer in Cambridge, MD Is Necessary for Every Defendant

by | Nov 12, 2015 | Lawyers

Being charged with a DWI is an experience that can bring about feelings of shame, anger, panic and frustration for both a defendant and their family; however, during this difficult time, it’s vital that defendants take the time to carefully consider the decisions they make. Although they may believe that a conviction and harsh penalties for this type of crime is inevitable, it’s important for defendants to know that fighting to clear their name is worth it, and hiring an attorney to help them accomplish this is key. Read on to discover why having an attorney present throughout every step of the process is so important.

The Defendant Has Rights

Even if this is their second offense and they refused the breath test or tested above the legal limit, DWI defendants still has a right to an administrative hearing to determine whether they can keep their driver’s license and are eligible to have an interlock device installed on the vehicle. However, it’s important that a defendant seek help from a DWI lawyer in Cambridge, MD in preparing for this hearing, because an experienced attorney will not only make sure that they make a proper request and file the paperwork within the time limit, but they’ll also help them prepare for the hearing so that they have the best chance of getting their driving privileges back.

Case Preparation and Plea Bargaining

Without the help of an experienced DWI lawyer in Cambridge, MD, it is impossible to enter the courtroom on a level playing field; the prosecution will know DWI law inside and out, and it will be nearly impossible for the average citizen to overcome the disadvantage of not being as familiar with the law. An experienced attorney knows how to spot issues with the police report as well as with any evidence presented in the case. If at any point it turns out that a conviction is likely, an attorney may be able to use their negotiation skills to fight for a plea bargain, which is also nearly possible to successfully obtain without the help of a skilled attorney.

DWI charges can be scary to deal with, but those with an attorney on their side can rest assured that they have someone out there fighting for their freedom and their good name. Visit website to learn more about how hiring a DWI lawyer can make all the difference when seeking to ensure that justice is served.

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